Mt. Whitney

Winter/Spring Mountaineer’s Route
Summer/Fall Mountaineer’s Route
Rock Climb Mt. Whitney


Mt. Whitney Elevation 14,508 feet, 4422m

Mt. Whitney is the highest mountain in the contiguous 48 states and one of the most sought after peaks in the United States. We climb Mt. Whitney by several routes throughout the year and each trip offers its own unique experience and requires different mountaineering skills.

We have scheduled dates listed here on our site. All trips can be arranged for custom dates too. Contact our office for more detailed information on each offering and to apply for a trip.

Mountaineer’s Route

Located on the northeast side of Mt. Whitney is a chute angled at approximately 25-35 degrees. The route ascends this chute and tops out at a notch about 400 feet below the summit. Here the angle becomes slightly steeper to 40-45 degrees to the summit. This climb offers a much less crowded way of reaching this very popular summit, and beautiful vistas are prevalent throughout.